People with disability experience many extra unavoidable costs of having a disability, and to try to address this, we are supporting a campaign to seek that Federal Government to increase the range of goods and services that are currently Goods and Services Tax (GST) exempt.

So, (insert name of organisation) is working collaboratively with many Australian organisations to support this campaign and we are calling on you to assist with this campaign by asking you to take a few minutes to send letters to Federal Government Ministers. To make it easy, there are 4 template letters (and email addresses) provided on the Spinal Cord Injuries Australia GST Exemption Campaign Website. Just follow the instructions that include inserting your name and address before sending via email. Go to:

All people with disability will have the opportunity to benefit from a successful GST Exemption Campaign, which will have even greater benefit if the GST percentage gets increased, so (insert name of organisation) thanks you in advance for taking the time to download and send the letters. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could distribute this email to your family, friends, colleagues, associates and networks.