The Foundation’s Public Speaker Programme raises community awareness about the significant impact that is incurred as a consequence of spinal cord injury. With a strong emphasis on accident prevention, the inspirational presenters draw on personal hindsight to candidly relate their individual stories and describe the lasting effects that spinal injury has had on their and their families’ lives, in an informative and often confronting open forum.

The Programme gives a ‘voice’ to younger spinal-paralysed men whose lives and circumstances have been inexorably changed through spinal injury, and affords them the opportunity to have an influential role in addressing accident statistics that highlight the conspicuous incidence of spinal injury amongst younger members of society. The Foundation’s Public Speaker Programme is an invaluable resource for conscientious educators and employers who are focused on accident prevention and safety.

To make a booking for your school or workplace, or for further information, please contact the Manager, SLF Recreation Service, on (08) 9381 0173 during business hours.