The Quadriplegic Centre is a Centre of Excellence in the provision of spinal injury management, care and rehabilitation through the development and implementation of services that reflect best practice and innovation in responding to the needs of patients with high spinal cord injury.

The Centre seeks to provide a full range of medical, nursing, allied health, psychological and recreational services to meet the clinical needs of patients.

Clinical nurses from the Community Nursing Service, a part of the Quadriplegic Centre, provide community support and outreach services.

Admissions to the Quadriplegic Centre may be through self-referral directly from the community, referral from another health service or referral by the community nursing team.

The Centre’s Admission and Discharge Committee considers all requests for admission following submission from the applicant’s treating medical practitioner as to health status, current medication and care requirements. Following the Committee’s review the outcome is formally advised to the applicant.