The Quadriplegic Centre provides post-acute quadriplegic patients from around Western Australia with respite and short-stay options. We invite clients and their families or carers to take up care options for up to four weeks, allowing families and carers to take a break and clients to receive medical review and support.

Short stay can provide services for three to nine months and is used for quadriplegic patients discharged from acute care awaiting funding, patients requiring post-acute rehabilitation, management of pressure ulcers, stabilisation of urological conditions and medical sequelae, and treatment of bowel, respiratory and mobility problems.

  • The Health Department of Western Australia determines the hospital fees. You are responsible for fortnightly payments of fees in full and in advance.
  • In the event that a claim for compensation in respect of injury is established, you are obliged to pay the compensable daily fee from the date of admission. Such payment will be levied in an amount representing the difference between the standard daily fee paid and the compensable daily fee payable over the duration of your residency. All patients who sustained injury or disease through accident are classified as compensable on entry.

For further information, contact the Quadriplegic Centre by email: or telephone (08) 9381 0111.