• Located in Shenton Park.
  • Conveniently close to public transport systems — bus and train.
  • Spacious, wheelchair-friendly facility.

The Selby Recreation Service (SRS) offers a comprehensive programme of recreational activities, specifically designed to promote independence and deliver high levels of consumer satisfaction. Our team of skilled staff, qualified programme instructors and dedicated volunteers provide essential supports and encouragement to facilitate the rehabilitative process, and enhance quality of life.

The Selby Recreation Service adopts a contemporary, proactive attitude to the promotion, inclusion and participation of its members in a diverse range of recreational options, some of which are conducted within the Centre and others in the broader community. The scope of the programme is structured to offer a range of leisure options that are responsive to the physical, intellectual, creative, social and cultural needs of Selby Recreation Service members. The programme includes:

  • Arts programmes (painting, printmaking ceramics and other experimental projects).
  • Intellectually stimulating crosswords, quiz and problem-solving activities.
  • Model railway and model-building facilities.
  • Boccia, blow darts and pool competitions.
  • Cooking activities.
  • Special events and social functions.
  • Computing within a well-equipped, adaptable computer section, including knowledgeable technical assistance, and voice-recognition software.

Eligibility and application

  • Membership is open to people living in the community with or without a disability.
  • Services and supports are delivered on a relative needs basis to maximise participation.
  • A modest annual membership fee applies, plus minimal costs for materials and consumables within some      programmes.

Membership enquiries to:

The Manager — Selby Recreation Service

10 Selby Street


WA 6008


Operating hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Telephone: (08) 9381 0173

email: srs@slfwa.org.au

 Entry process

  • Initial discussions occur at a preliminary interview to determine service suitability through the expressed desires and aspirations of each potential new member.
  • Each new member will receive an orientation to inform their choices of engagement.
  • Each new member will be assisted to develop a forward plan to maximise their participation and enjoyment within the SRS activity programme, including involvement in the community.
  • Where necessary, the SRS will assist with referral on to other appropriate service providers.

The Selby Recreation Service is an accredited QA service provider — certified to ISO 9001: 2008